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 PetroTech Associates was formed in 1992 to provide consulting services and specialized technical support for hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation.  Our primary areas of expertise are rock property characterization and pore system analysis.  PetroTech and Robert M. Sneider Exploration have also developed for the industry a “Catalogue of Seal and Flow Barrier Rock Types”.  The Seal Rock Catalogue, as it is known, contains forty-six examples of different quality seals that span a wide range in rock type, age and geographic location.

             The standard analytical services that are offered by PetroTech include sedimentology, reflected-, transmitted- and fluorescent-light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and  capillary pressure.  Additional special core analysis services (e.g., electrical properties, relative permeability, and acoustic velocity) are also available.

          An integrated approach has been developed for data acquisition, that makes it possible to provide the information necessary to evaluate both conventional and unconventional pay opportunities, as well as overall well performance and formation damage potential.  In addition, we offer depositional environment and reservoir description studies, projects designed for rock-log calibration and instruction in the application and use of rock catalogs

             PetroTech utilizes drill cuttings, sidewall cores (including percussion remnants) and full diameter cores in the determination of reservoir quality and seal capacity.  Rock description ranges from macroscopic for facies analysis of whole core to submicroscopic for understanding the effects of clay diagenesis.  For each project the important physical rock properties and pore system attributes are identified through a detailed analytical program.

            The original and current partners in PetroTech are George W. Bolger, Robert M. Sneider and John S. Sneider.  Individually they have from 20+ to 30+ years of experience providing exploration and exploitation expertise to the petroleum industry.

             George Bolger, managing partner, has spent the last thirty-four years evaluating reservoir and seal rock properties worldwide.  He started his career in the oil and gas industry with Gulf Research and Development Company (Gulf Oil).  Prior to helping form PetroTech, George was Executive Vice President of Reservoirs, Inc. where he was in charge of geologic and special core analysis operations.


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