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The high magnifications available through SEM show diagenetic clay morphology and how the clay development has impacted the pore structure.

Diagenetic clay is responsible for a majority of formation damage and a significant amount of unconventional pay opportunities.


Chlorite_1.jpg (89436 bytes) Chlorite_2.jpg (73796 bytes) illite_1.jpg (69346 bytes) illite_2.jpg (79209 bytes)

Chlorite 1                    Chlorite 2        Illite 1                Illite 2

kaolinite_1.jpg (74287 bytes) kaolinite_2.jpg (72943 bytes) smectite_1.jpg (72682 bytes) smectite_2.jpg (63442 bytes)

Kaolinite 1                    Kaolinite 2        Smectite 1        Smectite 2

smectite_illite_1.jpg (72755 bytes)   smectite_illite_2.jpg (67685 bytes)


Smectite-Illite 1              Smectite-Illite 2





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